Gap and Needs Analysis Consulting

A number of CMS clients have engaged Datanational Corporation for the purpose of performing a Gap Analysis of their current Epicor CMS software implementation state, operating procedures and data accuracy. For most manufacturing implementations, the scope of the Gap and Needs Analysis focuses specifically on the areas of MRP accuracy, production planning and production scheduling, production and scrap reporting, inventory accuracy and general best practices, with the goal of improving their processes, optimizing the software implementation and delivering world-class business results.

Why would you have a need for this service? If you are like many of our CMS clients, you may have experienced one or several of the following conditions since your original software implementation:

  • Changes in manufacturing processes
  • Additions of new product lines with different requirements
  • Shift from work order based production to repetitive, or vice versa
  • Corporate acquisitions/divestitures
  • Significant staff turnover/loss of “tribal knowledge”
  • Desire to increase efficiencies and resource utilization
  • New technology implementations and opportunities for automation and cross platforms systems integration
  • Revisit the previous ERP implementation  methodologies and realignment with the current/upcoming business priorities

In a typical engagement, Datanational will make a site visit to evaluate the current Epicor CMS system implementation with regards to the client’s business processes and procedures. During our site visit, Datanational will view the application systems, interview appropriate personnel, and evaluate the business application systems to determine what current business requirements are effectively being met by the Epicor CMS implementation and those areas that need improvement. In a typical manufacturing environment, specific areas of focus in this process, (driven by client requests) will be given to Inventory setup and data accuracy, BOM accuracy, MRP setup and accuracy, and capacity planning.

The deliverable from this process will be a formal Gap Analysis Document describing the current Epicor CMS implementation areas reviewed, as well as a Gap Remediation document describing Datanational’s recommended actions in support of the project goals.

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