Continuous Data Replication with MIMIX DR

While your existing CMS system and data backup process may be adequate to deliver a reasonable recovery time for your business users in case of an unexpected, prolonged system outage, have you consider the impact of a data loss between your backups?

Your point-in-time backups, whether it’s saving to tape and storing off site, or backing up to disk, determine your Recovery Time Objectives. In other words, this drives the anticipated recovery time from the time that you can start restoring your data from a backup.

How about your potential CMS business data loss? If you are like many companies who perform backups nightly, you could be at a significant level of risk to lose close to a full business days’ worth of system transactions, depending on the nature and the timing of the system failure. In other words, your Recovery Point can only be from your last backup, which in many cases could prove very costly. Will you be able to recreate the data in the system? How much transaction data simply cannot be recreated, or be regenerated in time for it to be reintroduced to your system processing?

As a hosted technology partner with Vision Solutions, we offer a real-time data replication for System i and CMS. With MIMIX DR, your system transactions are replicated to a backup system in our DR data center, nearly eliminating any potential data loss if you were to experience a hardware failure on your CMS production system.

Check out this brief MIMIX DR Solution overview video

Coupled with Datanational’s CMS System Recovery which offers a System i (AS/400) hardware allocation in our Disaster Recovery Center, this practical and cost effective offering provides the following benefits:

  • Recover your CMS system in 8-12 Hours
  • Real-time data replication with MIMIX DR
  • More affordable than a full failover HA system protection
  • Opportunity for annual testing of your system recovery readiness
  • Assisted remote DR testing is practical and makes sense in today’s business environment


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