After Hours Application Support

CMS After Hours Application Support

Datanational offers After Hours CMS Application Support around the clock, in conjunction with our 24/7 operations system monitoring service. Our expert staff is on duty (not simply on call) around the clock. Users from around the globe operating on systems no longer need to worry about waking up someone if there is a problem. Your applications at times may have some bugs that need to be fixed. In other cases your system may need emergency attention that only our expert staff can have up and running with minimal down time.

IT Environment at a Typical Manufacturing Company

Companies and corporations that manage and host data tend to leave out important pieces like backing up tapes and watching their systems at all times. Many companies do have these features but do not manage them as well and often are unsure if they are working and utilizing their strategy correctly. Typically in other companies someone works from 7am to 3pm watching the company system. When that person leaves work at 3, who now watches the system? What happens when that person goes on vacation? Is anyone even watching that system on Holidays? All these questions are often left alone and never really talked about.

These data systems need to be watched and listened to. There is too much valuable data lost when something comes up and can’t be corrected until that person gets back into work either the next day or next week. Now that business has gone global it is more than likely that users are on these systems while other parts of the world have gone away from work and have gone to sleep.

What happens when that person watching the system is away from work, on vacation, or sick and users are having problems? The result is usually production is now set back further than expected and the recovery process of that system doesn’t usually start back up for a few more business days.

Datanational's Enterprise Class Structure

Our proven solution works by using a multi-tier system, consisting of front line responders, Level 2 troubleshooting and Level 3 escalation. This system is made of an expert team that relays message across three lines to solve problems that may occur. At any time of the day (or night), you will find our team on duty ready to react and solve the problem.