MES Integration

We specialize in the design, development, implementation and support of complete solutions for the shop floor. Solutions of this type require the skills to integrate the machines, tools and production report and alert systems with the communications equipment and ERP/MRP systems to inform and guide your shop floor staff. We have many years of experience and the know-how to successfully complete these projects on time and budget.

PlantTalk:MES is an integrated Manufacturing Execution System from Datanational Corporation. It is designed to control and direct the operations at the shop floor level, assisting the shop personnel in getting their jobs done accurately and efficiently. The software can be installed as a tightly integrated solution, providing the framework to enable collaboration between your personnel, your shop floor equipment and your business systems. It is tightly integrated with CMS for the automotive sequencing requirements, production reporting, labeling and packing validation and shipment automation.

Available data downloads from CMS to PlantTalk:MES:

  • EDI sequenced data (866) and JIT data (bulk)
  • Item Master with user-defined fields for PLC recipe data
  • Bills of Material
  • Select TRLP data (used for production reporting)
  • Automated e-mail notifications for exceptions

Production Reporting from PlantTalk:MES to CMS:

  • Event-based reporting through data queues
  • Flat file reporting
  • Upload of parts produced/scrapped

Sequenced Shipment Reporting from PlantTalk:MES to CMS:

  • Upload of sequenced parts shipped
  • Automated transfer into CMS BOL files