Implementation Services

CMS Implementation Services

Our approach to CMS implementation projects is tailorable to meet with specific client requirements. Whether it’s a brand new business process implementation done from ground up using base CMS functions, or a same-as-corporate flavor of a CMS implementation, or even a slam-dunk quick turnaround implementation due to acquisition or divestiture reasons, the Datanational team will leverage our many years of experience with ERP implementations in order to deliver a successful project.

Datanational’s CMS consulting and technical support team delivers various CMS implementation tasks and support activities, typically as a part of the broader Client cross-functional CMS Implementation team. Before a CMS implementation project is formally kicked off, we normally perform a Project Scope Definition and Gap Analysis phase of the project.

Datanational business consultants, working along with the Customer Project Team, will conduct interviews of Business Process Owners at in order to gain a more intimate understanding for how the current ERP System is implemented at the Customer site, and/or how CMS is implemented at any applicable related Customer organizations, in order to deliver to the goals of the implementation approach. If applicable, we will collect documentation materials (screen prints, reports, etc.) from these interviews for utilization in training and support during the Conference Room Pilot.

Datanational will work with the Customer personnel to establish project training and an education schedule. It will need to be determined how much of the CMS education content should be delivered through traditional classroom delivery of training on the vanilla CMS modules (to be delivered directly by Epicor Education department), and how much should be delivered through the utilization of existing published Standard Operating Procedures for like CMS implemented facilities at Customer existing sites.

On the topic of data migrating from the old/legacy ERP system, if applicable, we have found that ERP master files such as customers, suppliers, historical orders, product master, and bills of material files are converted through the use of custom programs. Files identified as best to be keyed in manually will be initiated during the training sessions in order to be in place for the Conference Room Pilot sessions.

Finally, a Conference Room Pilot education session will be held by Datanational. This will communicate objectives and establish procedures for the Conference Room Pilot. We will also determine the order of operation and the schedule for the Pilot. The Customer IT team will perform a test data conversion and establish the test environment. This phase will move a copy of the existing Customer ERP data to the Customer system within the newly created CMS company files for the Customer. This data and test environment will be utilized for the Conference Room Pilot sessions.

Assessment may occur person by person with signatures of Readiness Assessment forms or through face-to-face interaction with the Project Steering Committee.

A live data conversion will be performed over a selected weekend so as to minimize the disruption of business at the Customer site. Key members of the Datanational Project Team will be on-site at the Customer site to support users in the live environment. The Customer Project Team will gradually replace our on-site support strategy with a remote support strategy including Datanational 24/7 support for hotline type calls.