After Hours System Management and Support

Datanational offers After Hours CMS System Management and Support around the clock and around the globe. Our expert staff is on duty (not simply on call) around the clock. We deliver enterprise class service through a best in class support structure with a trained team of "First Responders" who are second to none. We are committed to keeping CMS ERP systems up and running 7x24x365.

What are the challenges of 24/7 support?

Business has gone global and many users are working at different times in the day. The expansion of business to the rest of the world has caused very time consuming jobs for IT departments not being able to cover every hour in a day. Many hours go by without being watched or listened to, leaving a system with important data at risk. This risk can be minimal or can lead to a disaster. What happens to your companies system when a holiday and/or vacation are taking place? Is someone on call or watching for any issues?

CMS clients typically operate on a 7x24x365 basis. These ERP systems are now global with many users from around the world operating on them while others are away from work. These CMS systems need support around the clock to ensure production. System down time can be a touchy subject especially when it becomes longer than what your company expected. You need someone there on the spot (on duty) to start resolving your problem the minute that flag is raised. Whether the issue is small or large, someone needs to be there and reacting. No reaction leads to bigger problems.

The Datanational Advantage

Datanational offers after hours system management and support that is easier and more economical to outsource than it is to expand your internal IT. Hiring in Datanational’s fire department into your after hour support is like having the best in the business on call and on duty up for any challenge.

Datanational has developed a proven support system structure and has hired in a secure staff implementation to make sure that your system is watched at all shifts on a 7x24x365 day basis. We work holidays and we work every hour of the day. If there is an issue with the system, it is typically solved in a matter of hours of being reported. There is no longer waiting for the designated person to get back to work to fix and solve the problem. Instead it's dealt with and solved the minute the red flag pops up on your system.