System and Data Protection

Data loss can become a disaster if you don’t have a solid and proven backup and restore plan. Likewise, an extended system and CMS and EDI application outage due to an unexpected hardware or facility issue can quickly evolve into a potential crisis affecting your ability to deliver products or service to your customers.

We offer a range of data and system protection solution options, designed to fit your specific constraints in terms of recovery point and recovery time objectives to keep your business on track. In order to recommend the most suitable level of protection for your CMS system environment, all it takes is a few minutes of your time for us ask questions about your current system and data backup methods and objectives, as well as its alignment with your business continuity requirements.

Whether you are currently backing up your data to tape or have implemented a second backup system for data replication, or anything in between, Datanational offers practical, economical and customer endorsed backup and recovery solution options that deliver a higher level of reliability, often at a lower cost.


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