CMS in the Cloud

Security, high availability, reliability, flexibility, redundancy.

Each of these can be vitally important to any IT department and business user community today. Put them all together and you have a world class solution for your organization…. But with the associated world class costs that may force you into cutting corners or making compromises at the expense of the user experience. Datanational's CMS in the Cloud offering provides all of these, at a per user monthly cost to fit just about any budget.

Why Cloud Computing? You probably don't own your own airplane or keep a dedicated fire department on staff. So why own your entire ERP system infrastructure? You can simply sign up for your ERP Solution on a monthly subscription plan with expandability on demand. We do the rest. Datanational's CMS in the Cloud offering is Managed System Services with a Stated Service Level Agreement backed by our obsessive dedication to customer satisfaction.

CMS in the Cloud is a monthly subscription to a robust and reliable business system provided by a services company armed with hard-core experts who manage and monitor your ERP solution on a 24/7 basis. We deliver the solution to your company with excellence, and your company focuses on doing what it does best. This is simplicity at its finest.

Datanational can host your CMS implementation on our network of IBM System i equipment and deliver it to your organization securely, reliably and cost effectively. Our fiber optic backbone and multiple connectivity options will ensure your system is accessible wherever you need it. Our redundant power systems and high availability offerings will ensure it is there whenever you need it. And our staff of knowledgeable IBM, CMS and EDI specialists will help ensure your system is running in a way that makes sense for your organization.

We've migrated existing CMS customers previously on outdated in house IBM hardware and OS, to our IBM POWER Systems implementations on newer, supported IBM hardware and new IBM OS versions. We provide IBM hardware and software resources, secure colocated space with cooling, security monitoring, conditioned power, UPS and backup generator protection. high speed secure VPN bandwidth for remote access and 24/7 Datanational system management, monitoring and application support resources. Our setup also includes a state-of-the-art EVault disk backup service, eliminating tape backups and providing further off-site data storage and protection for your data.

Once you are migrated to a hosted environment, you would be able to take advantage of the upgrade service for your CMS software to a new version, without being constrained by your outdated IBM hardware and IBM OS.